Community Programming for Libraries

We love libraries! We love the books, we love the movies, and we love how good programming can bring a community together.

Because of this we have created a flexible program just for libraries. The program includes:

10 hours to build a large themed display

2 hours for additional flex programming

Themed Display

Need a Summer Reading Program Kickoff? Want to Celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday? Want to host a preteen/teen Harry Potter party?

On the morning of the program one of our artists arrives early before the library opens. They work hard to have a good start before patrons come in. Then until early afternoon they continue to add onto the display answering questions from patrons and promoting the afternoon/evening's events. Ten hours later the whole display is then finished by the time the event begins.

(Multiple Day builds are available)

Flex Programming

The last two hours of our stay is even more flexible. Here are a few options

-Author visit: Author and Artist Jeremy Telford comes and presents on his book Balloonology and talks about his experience with the publishing community.

-Balloon Twisting: The artist makes balloon sculptures for the guests.

-Balloon Storytelling: Using balloon hats and volunteers the artist leads the audience through a story. Fun and hilarity ensue. The story can be merely entertaining, based off a popular book, or have a moral lesson.

-Teaching Balloons: The artist can hold one or two workshops to help budding artists learn new skills with balloon twisting.

-What is art? Explore what art can be beyond paint, pencil and stone. Using the display as a starting point the artist leads a presentation aimed at inspiring young artists to think outside the brush.

Do you have specific funding or grant requirements? Let us know, we are willing to create programming to fit your needs.

What do librarians have to say about Balloon Guy Entertainment?

"Fillmore City Library loves The Balloon Guy! Whether you want a display complete with a giant Frankenstein, a mad scientist and a laboratory, or a room with Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Truffulla trees, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Swomee-Swans hanging from the ceiling, The Balloon Guy has the thousands of balloons to transform your space. The Balloon Guy has come to our library for 4 years now. In addition to the amazing balloon sculptures that he builds for the library, he will then spend the afternoon making individual balloon sculptures for each child that comes to our Dr. Seuss birthday celebrations or to our Summer Story Hour activities. He patiently builds hundreds of swords, flowers, monkeys with their bananas, puppies, and even a fish in a bowl. The large sculptures last for several days, giving many hours of enjoyment. As amazing as the end results are, everyone also enjoys watching the process as he builds his masterpieces. I would absolutely recommend having the Balloon Guy come to your event. We are planning on having him come to our library again next year. Everyone loves the Balloon Guy!"
- Stephanie Aleman, Fillmore Library

"You can’t really know the full value of Jeremy’s work until you see the wonder in a child’s eyes when she sees a fantastic sculpture made of balloons. It sparks imagination, but you also see the cogs working in their heads, wondering how he made this part or that. He’s made a superhero in flight, a mad scientist at home in his laboratory, and an enormous replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night among other masterpieces for the Library. Jeremy is a craftsman and an artist, with a great sense of creativity and fun. I would recommend his work to any organization looking to bring excitement, imagination and fun to their events."
- Marilee Clark, Associate Librarian, Outreach Division at Orem Library

"You did an amazing job."
"You are still a hit. The kids are still talking about you. Thanks again for doing such a great job."
- Sally Baird, Wasatch County Library